Approved coxes

The following members are approved coxes who have completed their safety training. All rowing sessions must include an approved cox. Contact if you wish to contact one of these members:

  • Allan Mackenzie

  • Neil Moscrop

  • Lori MacGregor

  • Rod Richard

  • Tor Justad

  • Angus MacInnes

  • Kit Bowen

  • Gordon Robb

  • Andy Paterson (Available when onshore)

In training-

  • Nadine Paterson

  • Valerie Hogg

  • Andrew Hogg

  • Gavin MacGregor

  • Hazel Ingles

  • Richard Dalman

  • Mike Hogg

  • Andy Wilcox

  • Abbey MacGregor

  • Ruthe McPherson and Dave Genney (Qualified, but not currently active)