How to book onto a row

We are currently operating a small number of rows per week- limited to one row per member, unless you are needed for another row to go ahead. This is because of lifejacket disinfection limiting the amount of times they can be used in one week.

Please see the notices and rower information on our news page before you sign up for a row. SDCRC must comply with Covid 19 regulations, and by signing up to a row, you agree to our Covid Secure policies and procedures. Thank you.

Rowing is open to all members who have submitted a membership form (and paid the relevant fee- If applicable).

If you have asked for notifications, we will let you know via our WhatsApp group when we are assembling crews for any rows. You can also sign up to notifications on our Team Up page. These will come via email. Row information will not be texted out, unless numbers are short for launch. We do encourage members to chat in the WhatsApp group, to organise groups of rowers who wish to go out at particular times. We will endeavour to provide coxes for these rows.

It's simple to sign up to a rowing session:

  1. In the calendar below simply click on the session you'd like to attend.

  2. Click the 'Signup' button (top right) and then add your name and email address.

  3. You can add comments to the booking and share with other members.

  4. Keep an eye on the calendar session for event updates.

  5. If you change your mind and want to cancel, please email, or leave a comment on the booking, and we will remove your name.

  6. Most sessions start at Storehouse of Foulis.

Your row team MUST include an SDCRC approved cox. If you have any questions, email the event organiser or

The link to the calendars for your browser is You can also use this link on the Teamup app which is very handy for booking on the go.

We also recommend you join the SDCRC Facebook member's group to share news of our activities.